Trinity time: 3 times in 1 year

In Trinity (31) The division of the smallest time the seconds, minutes and hours. On this occasion 31 science will discuss a little about the next time that day, week, month. In a calendar or 1 year of course we can not be separated from the 3 this time.

General within one calendar year or 1 consists of 3 time, namely:
  1. Day is a unit of time it takes the Earth to rotate on its own axis. The length of time is 24 hours within one consisting of day and night. Although today did not include units of International Standard (SI) but still acceptable for purposes related to SI (Wikipedia).Sebahagian we in Indonesia may know one day with a long time of 12 hours and 1 night with a 12-hour, day and night so that the new designation called one day.
  2. Sunday is a collection of 7 days. 7 days or weeks is also known by the name of the week. As for the name day of the week in English, Arabic and Indonesian and abbreviations can be viewed through the following picture:
    Tritunggal waktu : 3 waktu dalam 1 Tahun
  3. Moon is set at 28, 29, 30, 31 days. 1 month based on the size of the moon around the earth's rotation. Where in the moon phase is 29.53 days or so-called moon sinodic. Therefore, in the calendar month or Qomariah size hijriyah 1 month consists of 29 days and 30 days. While the Gregorian calendar, or the solar one month can be made up to 31 days, 30 days, 29 days and 28 days.
Besides the 3rd time in the Javanese calendar, also known as a replacement market week or weekend. In contrast to other calendars if 1 week consists of 7 days, week in Javanese calendar consists of 5 days namely Legi, Pahing, Pon, Wage and POND. However, in practice Javanese calendar also combine with other days in the calendar. Therefore, we are familiar with legi Monday, Monday Pahing, Monday Pon, Wage Monday and Monday POND so on.

Hopefully with time considering the Trinity: 3 times in 1 year, makes us especially write to always be grateful for the blessings that have been given by the Creator. Allah SWT.

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